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Closed-circuit television (CCTV), also known as video surveillance.

CCTV is a security monitoring system that is used to watch over premises. These video surveillance systems are comprised of video cameras, video recorders, TV/computer monitors, and various other components. The purpose of these systems is to capture live events, archive footage, and actively monitor various aspects of a property.

  • Internet Protocol (IP) Cameras offer similar functionality to analog cameras but have higher resolution, remote zoom, repositioning capability, and can receive real-time images and notifications via a web browser or other software. That means live incidents can be viewed on-premises or remotely from a smartphone or desktop computer.
Surveillance Camera Options
Whatever you’re looking for, SPECTRAL will help you find a network camera to suit your needs. From robust outdoor cameras to discreet products for sensitive environments.

Access Control

Integrated Electronic Access Control Management

A complete software solution designed to support the industry’s most trusted brand of access control hardware. Available as a tightly integrated extension to the Video Management Software (VMS), the module provides a full set of access control functions, including enrollment, scheduling, monitoring, and reporting. Access control events can be used in the Senstar Symphony VMS as triggers for rules, camera call-up, and alarm generation. Each alarm can be linked to a map location and multiple video feeds, enabling each event to be viewed from different camera perspectives or locations. For security personnel monitoring the building, this means only one application is required for monitoring and responding to events, with live and recorded video being accessible from the Senstar Symphony VMS Windows®, web, and mobile clients.
High Performance Platform
  • Supports industry-standard controllers from HID Global
  • Monitors HVAC, fire detection and elevator devices
  • Active Directory synchronization
  • Up to 10,000 auxiliary output contacts/ relays for use with devices not directly managed by controller hardware
  • Simple per-door licensing, no artificial device limits

Comprehensive Feature Set

  • Event management
  • Device management
  • User enrollment
  • Access levels and profiles
  • Schedules
  • Triggers and macros
  • Logging and reporting

Perimeter Monitoring

Monitor and detect anomalous events and risk situations in real time. 

There is an increasing need to safeguard people, places, and property in today’s world. Perimeter security protection is becoming more challenging to attain when organizations and businesses contend with securing large areas with extended boundaries and multiple intrusion points.

Fortunately, multi-layered perimeter security solutions are available that utilize intrusion detection sensors, infrared, CCTV cameras, video analytics, and video and security management systems (VMS/SMS) to deter and defend against potential threats and attacks.

Video Analytics

Scalable solutions with high availability and server redundancy | A high-performance platform for video analytic applications
Video analytics transform IP video into business intelligence. By leveraging existing video surveillance infrastructure, video analytics is a highly cost-effective means to augment security with new detection capabilities, reduce staffing requirements by directing attention to key events, automating access control and other facility functions, and collect data on customer behavior.
We use Enterprise-Class Hardware. It is ideal for enterprise applications supporting high-performance processors, hardware redundancy, and remote health monitoring. The server hardware is video analytic ready, ensuring availability to computing resources necessary to run native video analytics.
Some of the algorithms include: 
  • Automatic License Plate Recognition
  • Crowd Detection 
  • Face Recognition 
  • Indoor People Tracking 
  • Left and Removed Item Detection 
  • Outdoor People and Vehicle Tracking 
  • PTZ Auto-Tracking

For Deployments of All Sizes

From small commercial retail stores to entire smart cities, Our solutions scale to meet the size of your deployment.